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Canon launches PRO 6000 wide format printer

Canon has announced the upcoming launch of its new imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 inkjet printer for fine art photographers and digital artists.
Canon launches PRO 6000 wide format printer

As its name hints, the PRO-6000 can print up to 60 inches wide. With its 12-channel system, the PRO-6000 is the largest 12-ink printer available on the market. The PRO series models now span from 17 to 60 inches and the PRO-6000 continues with the same styling as previous PRO series, including the PRO-1000 printer we make our test prints on. The PRO-6000 has the now signature red “L-series” line across the front. The distinct-looking printer includes more distinct features when compared to the competition, including Canon’s Chroma Optimizer.

Of the new printer, Canon’s executive vice president and general manager of their USA Business Imaging Solutions Group, Toyotsugu Kuwamura says, “With the introduction of our largest model, the imagePROGRAF PRO-6000, we round out our full line of high quality PRO Series printers. Our PRO Series now offers an expansive lineup of large-format inkjet solutions and sizes for a broad range of applications in the photo, fine art, proofing and graphics market segments.” The new PRO-6000 printer has a Multifunction Roll System, which allows for a second roll of media to be loaded on the printer. You could be printing from a matte paper roll and then switch the printer to glossy without having to pause your work, ideal for high-volume printing.

Cody Ranaldo, technical director for Griffin Editions NYC, a fullservice fine art printing studio, says of the Multifunction Roll System, “The dual-roll loading system greatly reduces the amount of handling damage incurred when switching back and forth between rolls. Finally, there is an aqueous inkjet printer designed for a true production environment.” He continues, “I prefer Canon large-format printers because of their amazing quality, as well as their outstanding reliability. With the new PRO-6000 printer, the singular print head further improves the quality of nozzle alignment for cleaner, sharper images. I can launch an entire roll’s worth of prints and be confident that I won’t find banding half way through the batch – a huge advantage over the competition.”

It will be available across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) from the start of this September.

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