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Vehicle wrapping is a lucrative and creative market area and has been a pillar of sign-making businesses for years.

Vehicle wrapping is a lucrative and creative market area and has been a pillar of sign-making businesses for years. However, more recently, it has taken the graphics market by storm, with the creative and stand out effects that can be achieved. One of the most popular uses of the technique is for advertising, as it’s an effective ‘round the clock’ way of promoting a brand’s identity or product. Numerous industries use it including: race cars, the food sector, corporate and public institutions. Whether it’s for advertising purposes or as a method of protection, the popularity of vehicle wrapping has grown tremendously over the last few years .

Highway advertising

Vehicle wrapping is more evident in big cities like Istanbul, where there is a higher population of people. Because demand for effective and stand-out advertising is rising, companies are looking at new and attractive ways of communicating their messages. And,as vehicle wrapping isn’t static like billboards, there is more chance of these messages being seen. Tuncay Öztaţ, owner of Öztaţ Reklam, a company that works in this field tells us: “In this market, there are businesses who leave wrapped cars at the side of the highway as advertisements, it is an effective and economic way of promoting their message. It is a popular choice for the food sector as well as the automotive, construction, apparel and education sectors. In recent years, subcontractors working for public institutions allocate big budgets for vehicle wrapping.”

Thefood sector leads the way

Many of the budgets being allocated to the vehicle wrapping sector are high. Penta Reklam, Marketing Manager, Ümit Narin comments: “Vehicle wrapping is most commonly used in the food sector, but also for fuel and assistance vehicles, mass transportation and fleet vehicles across all sectors. Companies have custom designs made for large vehicles, which can be created with striking typography and images to stand out on the roads.”

Sistem Printing Company’s Marketing Manager, Zeki Fedai also commented on the popularity of vehicle wrapping for the food sector: “The food and beverage sector is one of the most fast moving markets. Distribution vehicles are constantly out in the field and companies renew images to update older vehicles. Turkey’s population growth paves the way for cut-throat competition. In cold chain distributions monomeric vinyl is preferred, while cast vinylwrapping is used for hot and durable goods.”

Personal Vehicle Wrapping is a Niche Market

Vehicle wrapping is not just for commercial purposes. Narin continues: “Vehicle wrapping is also popular for personal use, for protection of parts such as the car bonnet and roof. Full dye protectors, UV-protection and coloured glass laminations are also used to protect vehicles from the weather and external elements. Or perhaps, simply to change colour with seasonal trends.Taxisare also a big revenue driver for this sector.” Fedai adds: “Special carbon products have diversified the market over the last three years to form a niche vehicle wrap market. This is still a small area for vehicle wrapping in Turkey, however, it is becoming more popular as more people are aware of the possibilities.”

Wrapping the Vehicle

Vehicle wrapping certainly looks effective, however, it’s not one of the simplest of graphics jobs. Highly trained wrappers spend lots of time in training and on the wrap itself, to ensure the best end result. In the initial stages, photos of the vehicle are taken from every angle, these images are transferred to a computer and a mock-up of the end result is presented to the customer with accurate measurements provided. Materials are also an important part of any vehicle wrap and requirements need to be carefully considered in light of the job in question. When choosing material there are numerous factors suchas the vehicle’s shape to think about, as well as how long the customer wants the wrap to last for which will affect the type of film and inks used.

World Wrap Masters Eurasia

Vehicle wrapping is a growth market in the sign and graphics market and presents a wealth of diversification opportunities for wide format printers and sign-makers. It has also been a crowd favourite at FESPA events with wrap workshops and a global World Wrap Masters competition. Printers and signmakers interested in these possibilities can also find exhibitors and brands at FESPA Eurasia 2015 including Deniz Reklam, Arlon, Bes Reklam, Unifol, 3M Turkey, Hexis, OTS and Avery showcasing vehicle wrap products.

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to watch wrappers battle it out in the World Wrap Masters Eurasia. Where up to 12 participants will take part in the competition to be crowned number one wrapper. Ole Soleskin, World Wrap Masters’ Judge and vehicle wrap expert will also present wrap sessions on the Thursday and Friday of the show (10th and 11th) to help printers and sign-makers looking to get into this market, providing practical demonstrations and first-hand tips. For more information on the World Wrap Masters Eurasia visit: www.fespaeurasia.com/wrapmasters, and to register to attend FESPA Eurasia and more information on the event, visit: www.fespaeurasia.com

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