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Outdoor advertising has been a popular form of communicating messages for years and is still continuing to grow today. From billboards, movingboards, panels and POS display products, to LED screens, it is a popular choice for brands.

Outdoor advertising has grown both in Turkey and the rest of the world. Just look at public transport stations, street signs, vehicles, private institutions and retail outlets, and you’ll see it everywhere. And, in the 21st century, technological developments and falling prices have increased outdoor advertising’s competitive capacity.

According to data from Reklamcılar Derneği, advertising investment grew by 7.8%during the first six months of 2015 in Turkey alone. Total investment reached 4.2 billion dollars in Turkey.1 Investment in outdoor advertisingis also on the rise, having grown 8% to 214 million TL, compared with 199 million TL last year. Digital advertising has also experienced a growth of 22% in Turkeyduring the first half of 2015, with investment reaching 662 million TL. During the same period in 2014it equated to 541 million TL.2

50 Year Heritage

Outdoor advertising has been a popular choice with brands in Turkey for over 50 years. According to 2009 data from the Izmir Trade Chamber, it was then the most in-demand communications medium, followed byTV and newspapers.Today, the finance and food sectors lead the way with out-of-home applications, and local and national outdoor adverts are used to support the marketing mix. In Turkey, Marmara is the biggest region to use outdoor advertising, withIstanbul leading the way, followed by big cities like Ankara and Izmir.3 The development of digital printsand 3D outdoor applications are the most preferred channels.

Developing cities in Turkey attach great importance to branding and promotion, and one of the easiest methods for this is outdoor advertising. From billboards to vehicle wrapping, soft signage to indoor and outdoor LED technologies, touchscreens, promotion stands and city furniture, sectors including politics, public institutions and the private sector have made heavy use of outdoor advertising.

We Are Out on the Street

A study commissioned by advertising company Ströer Kentvizyon entitled ‘Impacto’, looked at the impact of brand and outdoor campaigns. Together with independent research company, GFK, the study interviewed 12538 people between the ages of 15-50, for 81 different campaigns that ranbetween January 2013 and January 2015 across Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Ankara. Findings showed that on an average day1 hour and 55 minutes is spent outside.The percentage of people who go outside every day is 62% and this rate can rise to 70%.

In the study, advertising campaigns without logos were shown to participants, and they were asked where they remembered the campaign from. Eight out of 10 said they remembered itfrom outdooradvertising, which was thesecond most recalled channel with 77%, just below TV which scored 88%. Other mediums included: internet & social media 31%, radio 21%, newspapers 31% and magazines19%.4

ARED: The Evolution of Outdoor Advertising

ARED (Sign Association of Turkey, and FESPA’s member association) Chairman Halil Eligür comments: “We work in areas of outdoor advertising which have evolved far beyond that of signwriting. If we want to explain our sector, itis a place where affordable out-of-home visual communication and advertising mediums are designed, produced, and installed. Our estimated market worth is 1.5 billion Euro. Every year, outdoor advertising becomes more significant, taking a larger proportion of the total advertising budgets along with digital media which is seeinga growing trend.” “As an association we have 260 active members but overall our community reaches 15,000 small-medium and large-scale companies in Turkey. Based on average employee numbers per company, we estimate that the industry creates approximately 55,000 jobs. This number is approximately the same in countries like the UK, Germany and Italy, so it is a vibrant market. When factors such as population rate, industrial development and gross national product, outdoor advertising is becoming more popular because of the quality of media and campaigns being produced.”

“Rising Costs Affect Europe”

Halil Eligür compares the European and Turkish markets: “Rising costs and decreasing profit margins are present in every sector. Our European colleagues are caught up in thischallenge too with many companies shrinking, closing or diversifying their business. This is where wide format print exhibition FESPA Eurasia is useful, it enables sign-makers and printers to review the industry, and find new solutions that enable them to improve profitability or to identify new markets for revenue streams.” Folpa Reklam’s owner Recep Işığıbol, remarked on the current state of Turkey’s advertising market: “Outdoor advertising is rapidly developing. In this field, several processes such as sublimation, direct to garment and out-of-home printing equipment is used. If you follow the developing technologies in this market and apply them to your business, you can help it grow and present new opportunities to your clients.” FESPA Eurasia 2015, which will take place from 10-13 December in Istanbul, Turkey, will provide sign-makers and print service providers with the technology and applications for outdoor advertising, vehicle wrapping, soft signage and more, to help them expand their business. Recep Işığıbol, continues: “FESPA Eurasia is one of the most successful exhibitions in delivering promotions to the wide format and signage sectors. In this sense we believe industry professionals will get a huge return on their time spent at FESPA Eurasia 2015.”

For more information on the exhibition, visit: www.fespaeurasia.com

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